Coronavirus getting you down? Pick yourself up with a coronaburger

Coronavirus getting you down? Pick yourself up with a coronaburger

Photo Courtesy: agrobacter/iStock(NEW YORK) — Most people don’t want the COVID-19 coronavirus, but how about a coronaburger?

One restaurant in Vietnam decided to get creative with its menu and added a pandemic-inspired take on the traditional burger. Introducing the coronaburger, shaped like the very virus it’s named after. 

In a YouTube video, the creator explained the motive behind his new take on the classic American food staple, and it was surprisingly quite simple. 

“We decided to make this coronaburger to make people happier,” he said.

The video then details the steps for those who wish to recreate the burger’s signature virus-shaped bun themselves. First, sweet leaves are crushed into liquid. Then the liquid is mixed with bread dough to create a greenish color. Next, small pieces are added to the ball of dough to create the virus’ spikes before they are popped into the oven to bake. 

According to the video, people are loving the new oddly-shaped buns. The restaurant sells around 50 burgers a day and sales have increased by 5% since introducing the buzzworthy new item.

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