7-year-old surprised with birthday parade outside of her home due to coronavirus

7-year-old surprised with birthday parade outside of her home due to coronavirus

Photo Courtesy: Courtesy Amanda Hunt Franklin

(MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md.) — Piper Franklin turned 7 years old Saturday, just as the novel coronavirus shutdowns absorbed her neighborhood — scraping plans for a big birthday bash with friends and family. As Piper’s  mom explains, her daughter was just as upset as anyone could imagine.

“She was so bummed everything had to be canceled,” said Amanda Hunt Franklin. “It’s hard enough for kids to understand what’s going on and grasp the concept that no, your friends can’t come over, you can’t see your grandparents right now.”

But Franklin was determined to make her daughter’s day special. She brainstormed with a few friends and together they came up with the idea to have a parade instead of a party.

“We just thought it would be a great way to keep that social distance and make her feel special on her birthday,” said Franklin.

Piper’s friends and teammates decorated their parent’s cars with balloons, signs and streamers, singing happy birthday and waving as they drove by. Piper’s mom even collected a few birthday presents — careful to disinfect each item before heading indoors.

“It was really special,” Franklin said. “She had no idea and was so happy when she saw our friends screaming and honking.”

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