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Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: Rockies should offer Arenado a contract extension; Maybe there shouldn’t be a 2020 MLB season? And all un-paid minor leaguers should be declared free agents

Mark Knudson
: Dick Monfort and Scott Oberg can’t bring baseball back to the field. The Owner of the Colorado Rockies, and the team’s representative to the Major League Baseball Player’s Association are just two voices among......

Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: A college coaches Salary Cap? Minor League Baseball contraction could hit Colorado, and Bouye with big cleats to fill

Mark Knudson
: Way back in April of 1979, the University of Colorado, looking for a new football coach after the firing of Bill Mallory, successfully lured New England Patriots head coach Chuck Fairbanks – who had......

Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: Broncos schedule full of “don’t knows”…CU would get a break not playing CSU, and a plan for a delayed college football season

Mark Knudson
It’s almost like Christmas for NFL fans when the league officially releases the schedule for the upcoming season. It’s immediately time to start analyzing and adding up the wins and losses.......

Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: NIL is very bad news for Colorado schools, Jeremy Bloom is still wrong, and Nuggets need a G-League team

Mark Knudson
The impending “Name, Image and Likeness” rule change in college sports, which will allow college athletes to profit financially from endorsement deals and the like, is not only terrible news for......

Mark Knudson’s Three Strikes Blog: “Remote” NFL Draft should be the new norm going forward; Still missing Keli McGregor, and Michael Malone, MPJ, and the definition of insanity

Mark Knudson
There were a ton of questions leading up to this NFL Draft about…this NFL Draft. Consider them answered. Due in no small part to a......

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