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Monday, 07 May 2012 10:29

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11am - 12pm

Tidbits is the “neatest little paper ever read” and Tidbits Radio is the “happiest little radio show on air!”

Tidbits Radio takes its lead and much of its content from the weekly tabloid sized newspaper with the same name - Tidbits.  There are hundreds of Tidbits papers across the nation and throughout Canada. Each Tidbits paper is full of family friendly trivia, word games and helpful columns. Tidbits Radio is too


The mission of Tidbits Radio is to entertain, inform and inspire – and it happens every week with a purely family friendly one-hour radio show.  The host of Tidbits Radio is Ron Ross, a Tidbits publisher of several Tidbits papers in two states and a part of the Tidbits family for over 15 years. He now lives in Loveland, Colorado and with his wife Amy, they publish Tidbits of Greeley Colorado.

Tidbits Radio is made available with the exclusive permission of Tidbits Media, Inc., the owners of the Tidbits brand, and the advertisers you’ll find in your local Tidbits paper.


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