Colorado Rockies Baseball

Colorado Rockies Baseball

1310 KFKA is Northern Colorado’s home for Colorado Rockies baseball!

Listen all season long as the Rockies push to return to the playoffs behind Nolan Arrenado, Charlie Blackmon and David Dahl!


Mon, May 11 vs. San Fransisco 6:40pm
Tue, May 12 vs. San Fransisco 6:40pm
Fri, May 15 at Miami 5:10pm
Sat, May 16 at Miami 4:10pm
Sun, May 17 at Miami 11:10am
Tue, May 19 at Chicago White Sox 6:10pm
Fri,  May 22 vs. Philadelphia 6:40pm
Sat, May 23 vs. Philadelphia 7:10pm
Sat, May 24 vs. Philadelphia 1:10pm
Mon, May 25 vs. Los Angeles 2:10pm
Tue, May 26 vs. Los Angeles 6:40pm
Fri, May 29 at San Fransisco 8:15pm
Sat, May 30 at San Fransisco 5:15pm
Sun, May 31 at San Fransisco 2:05pm
Mon, June 1 at Arizona 7:40pm
Tue, June 2 at Arizona 7:40pm
Wed, June 3 at Arizona 1:40pm
Thu, June 4 at Los Angeles 8:10pm
Fri, June 5 at Los Angeles 8:10pm
Sat, June 6 at Los Angeles 8:10pm
Sun, June 7 at Los Angeles 2:10pm
Tue, June 9 vs. Arizona 6:40pm
Fri, June 12 vs. Pittsburgh 6:40pm
Sat, June 13 vs. Pittsburgh 7:10pm
Sun, June 14 vs. Pittsburgh 1:10pm
Tue, June 16 at St. Louis 6:15pm
Fri, June 19 vs. San Diego 6:40pm
Sat, June 20 vs. San Diego 1:10pm
Sun, June 21 vs. San Diego 1:10pm
Mon, June 22 vs. Kansas City 6:40pm
Tue, June 23 vs. Kansas City 6:40pm
Fri, June 26 at Minnesota 6:10pm
Wed, July 1 at Pittsburgh 10:35am
Fri, July 3 vs. San Fransisco 6:10pm
Sat, July 4 vs. San Fransisco 7:10pm
Sun, July 5 vs. San Fransisco 1:10pm
Mon, July 6 vs. Arizona 6:40pm
Tue, July 7 vs. Arizona 6:40pm
Thu, July 9 at Milwaukee 6:10pm
Fri, July 10 at Milwaukee 6:10pm
Sat, July 11 at Milwaukee 2:10pm
Sun , July 12 at Milwaukee 12:10pm
Fri, July 17 vs. Atlanta 6:40pm
Sat, July 18 vs. Atlanta 6:10pm
Sun, July 19 vs. Atlanta 1:10pm
Mon, July 20 vs. Miami 6:40pm
Tue, July 21 vs. Miami 6:40pm
Fri, July 24 at Cincinnati 4:40pm
Sat, July 25 at Cincinnati 5:10pm
Sun, July 26 at Cincinnati 11:10am
Mon,  July 27 at Washington 5:05pm
Tue, July 28 at Washington 5:05pm
Fri, July 31 vs. San Fransisco 6:40pm
Sat, August 1 vs. San Fransisco 6:10pm
Sun, August 2 vs. San Fransisco 1:10pm
Mon, August 3 vs. New York 6:40pm
Tue, August 4 vs. New York 6:40pm
Fri, August 7 at San Diego 8:10pm
Sat, August 8 at San Diego 6:40pm
Sun, August 9 at San Diego 2:10pm
Mon, August 10 at Arizona 7:40pm
Tue, August 11 at Arizona 7:40pm
Thu, August 13 at Arizona 1:40pm
Fri, August 14 at San Fransisco 8:15pm
Sat, August 15 at San Fransisco 2:05pm
Sun, August 16 at San Fransisoc 2:05pm
Mon, August 17 vs. Washington 6:40pm
Tue, August 18 vs. Washington 6:40pm
Fri, August 21 vs. Los Angeles 6:40pm
Sat, August 22 vs. Los Angeles 6:10pm
Sun, August 23 vs. Los Angeles 1:10pm
Mon, August 24 at Texas 6:05pm
Tue, August 25 at Texas 6:05pm
Thu, August 27 at Atlanta 5:20pm
Sat, August 29 at Atlanta 5:20pm
Sun, August 30 at Atlanta 11:20am
Mon, August 31 at New York 5:10pm
Tue, September 1 at New York 5:10pm
Sun, September 6 vs. Cleveland 1:10pm
Tue, September 8 vs. Chicago 6:40pm
Tue, September 15 at Los Angeles 8:10pm
Wed, September 16 at Los Angeles 8:10pm
Tue, September 22 vs. Los Angeles 6:40pm
Thu, September 24 vs. Los Angeles 6:40pm

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