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Our founding forefathers were called “Patriots” only AFTER defeating British Rule! Until victory, they were labeled CRIMINALS!

Society has created “Franken-Food”, “Sky-Net”,  and “Cyborgs” along with a people destined to be ruled by them! A decade ago most laughed about The Council on Foreign Relations, P.N.A.C., and The Bilderberg’s. Now they regret being so far behind the conversation when it comes to what is happening in the headlines.

Dec. 18 - Hour Three | 1310 KFKA

Regardless of opinions all American’s have one and I feel it best left to you the listener to be the judge. “PARANOIA IS PATRIOTIC” and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise!

In a world of 20 second sound bytes, 24 hour news cycles, and the need to make a profit we need to take much deeper looks into every facet of society. When we forget the past, we should be damned for repeating it!